Please consider installing off-the-record messaging privacy before adding me. It’s not a requirement but I would appretiate if you did.

These are my user names for the following protocols. Sorry about inconsistency due to a lack of a naming policy in the past.

  • Google Talk: Same as primary email address.
  • Google Wave: Same as primary email address.
  • Facebook Chat: Available via friend invitation.
  • ICQ: 66416511
  • IRC: Only online at request.
  • MSN: Same as primary email address.
  • Skype: Given name followed by surname separated by a dot.
  • Xfire: bwian0
  • Yahoo: foobazar

I am currently using Pidgin for all of the above but might occasionally be online using some other client such as webbased chat via gmail or facebook. For the time being I’m using Digsby for IM and social networks.

In case I’m not online you could bug me using the buzz feature of Nimbuzz. If it’s urgent call or text me instead!

If you want to get in contact in a non-instant message form you can use direct message over some service that supports such or as a last resort send an email to my slush address: foobazar [thingie] yahoo [thingie] com. doesn’t support embedding the script but via tumblr you can chat with me using the Digsby widget.



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