(00:28:23) Nicole: that’d be a good one for it
(00:28:27) Nicole: the second
(00:29:34) Johan: that’s probably going to look much better. i’m glad i asked a fresh pair of eyes to look at it
(00:29:49) Nicole: i think the second is the best
(00:29:56) Nicole: its like the sunset melts into cooler colors
(00:30:07) Johan: 🙂
(00:30:08) Nicole: which is nice
(00:30:19) Nicole: its a purply twilight color
(00:30:50) Johan: and as a bonus it’s a picture with a story behind it and the original file got me in it
(00:31:05) Nicole: even better
(00:31:51) Johan: i love it. a subtle way of making it personal without putting my face as a fekkin banner on the blog =P
(00:32:18) Nicole: haha
(00:32:24) Nicole: HI IM JOHAN
(00:32:26) Nicole: LOOK AT ME
(00:32:26) Nicole: HEY
(00:32:29) Nicole: THIS IS MY BLOG
(00:32:32) Nicole: LOOOK AT MEEEE
(00:32:32) Johan: ABOUT ME
(00:32:40) Johan: WRITTEN BY ME
(00:32:57) Nicole: ME ME ME
(00:33:03) Nicole: JOHAN _____________!!!
(00:33:04) Johan: AND MYSELF
(00:33:13) Nicole: DONT YOU FORGET IT
(00:33:13) Nicole: ME
(00:33:16) Nicole: :{
(00:33:32) Nicole: add a random IM SWEDISH!
(00:33:33) Nicole: at the end
(00:33:34) Nicole: or something
(00:33:39) Nicole: for your international viewers

For further info see cropped image above or link below.

Update. Uncropped photo.